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29 August 2009 @ 03:22 am
Darklinks.com New Goth News and Goth Links for August 2009  

New Goth Links in Late August 2009

  • Absynth Backlash - An industrial/electronic/gothic band.

  • A Night of Horror - An international horror film festival, March 25-April 3, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. This sounds cool, I need to win the lottery!

  • Asylum - A goth/industrial club in Sacramento, on Sundays.

  • Black Cat Campaign - A Romanian effort to fight intolerance and discrimination against individuals who look or dress differently. They were inspired by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

  • Crypticon Minneapolis - A horror convention November 6-8 2009 in Bloomington.

  • Curious Expeditions - A very well done steampunk blog with posts on art, clockpunk, bibliophilia, museums, travel, and food. Amazingly fun to explore here!

  • Dark Imaginings - A shop selling haunted changing portraits and spooky special effects. They also sell "haunted mirrors."

  • Deadpit Radio - A horror radio show. You can listen to past shows in the online archive.

  • Dr. Shroud - An animated web series about a reformed vampire. There's also a Dr. Shroud Twitter page.

  • Festival of Fiends - A horror convention in Chicago, September 11-13, 2009.

  • The Graves - A horror movie coming out in January 2010.

  • The Graves, at IMDB

  • Grim Peddler - A shop selling handmade bath and body items: perfumes, body lotions, bath salts, soaps, herbal eye pillows, herbal sachets, and more.

  • Horrorhound Weekend - Horrorhound Magazine's horror convention, November 20-22 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Elvira will be in attendance! Their Myspace is here.

  • Horror Trailer.com - Horror movie trailers, neatly collected in one place, and kept up to date.

  • The Hyrde - An upcoming animated web series about Ghoul Gal, Zombor and Inspector Spectre.

  • International Goth Club List - Whoops, I should have added this much earlier. Someone got fed up with Vamp's famous club list not being updated, so they've taken on a similar project. Besides club lists, they offer info on goth festivals, bands and businesses. There's a forum here too. They also offer useful info on their MySpace.

  • Jordana Divinorum - A goth band from Ontario, Canada.

  • Lovecraft is Missing - An online webcomic about H.P. Lovecraft, updated once a week.

  • 9 Experiment - The extremely fancy website for the upcoming Shane Acker/Tim Burton Movie "9."

  • "9" - Film in Focus' features on the upcoming Tim Burton movie. Trailers, graphics, articles, and more.

  • Ominous Events - A database of horror conventions and horror festivals.

  • Reflections of Darkness - An excellent dark music webzine, with news, reviews, interviews, and frequent updates. Cool.

  • Revenant Magazine - A well done zombie magazine, with features, reviews, a forum, and contests.

  • Rock and Shock - A horror movie/writers convention October 16-18 in Worcester, MA.

  • Rotting Flesh Radio - A Horror and haunt industry podcast you can listen to.

  • Rue Morgue Radio - Horror-related broadcasts you can listen to online. A fantastic resource.

  • The Scarefest - A horror and paranormal convention in Lexington, Kentucky. It takes place September 11-13, 2009.

  • Spooky Empire - A horror weekend in Orlando Florida, October 9-11 2009.

  • The Thirst: Bloodlines - I'm not sure what a "system" is in Second Life, but this is described as a "vampire system." Stats and info on blood wealth, vampire royalty, and bloodlines; plus a game guide, blogs and products.

  • Z.E.R.O.: War of the Dead - An episodic web series featuring zombies.


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