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06 August 2010 @ 10:01 pm
Hi everybody,

Thanks for hanging in with me for the last 8 months after I shut down Dark Side of the Net in December. (I did this after a horror website copied all 11,000 of my links (including the many dead ones! Ha!) took my name off them, claimed they researched everything themselves, and refused to remove them.)

I'm glad to have so many Facebook followers and Twitter readers, and I'm sorry that my updates are sporadic on most days and then spammy/frequent on days I do work on things.

I've experimented with the new Dark Side of the Net blog, though I haven't posted nearly as often as I'd like to.

I believe this will be the ongoing permanent format for Dark Side of the Net.

As there are so many asswipes on the net ready to steal huge links databases that took someone else 15-16 years to develop, Dark Side of the Net will likely never again be an openly available, free links database. Instead, I will stick with the blog format (though I know people will copy and steal that too).

I still LOVE exploring goth and dark websites, and sharing my finds and news links with you. I don't plan to charge for Dark Side of the Net, but you'll see affiliate links on the side of the blog to pay for minimal expenses.

I may in the future charge a minimal amount (or restrict access to privileged visitors) for access to my Halloween links database, which at 8000 links I believe to be the largest Halloween links collection in English in the world. I can't imagine more than a handful of people would feel the need to pay for such a service when there are other Halloween links pages out there, understandably.

Going Forward:

Currently I'm doing Best of the Dark Side type posts. It's been really fun (and also really depressing) going through the old links, looking at old trends we used to all enjoy, laughing at really bad webpages I linked to anyway, and admiring ancient goth websites that are still updated, useful and interesting in 2010. The depressing part is finding out how many dead or irrelevant links I have in the database, as well as links to outdated theme pages none of us really probably care about any more (Goth X of the Y? X-files fan pages?)

After I'm done with "Best of the Dark Side" posts (one post per category, with 98 categories total, and I'm mostly unable to do one post per day) I will switch gears back to doing "new links" and "Goth news" posts which I hope to do 1 or 2 posts per day starting in late October 2010. Assuming all my kids who have moved out to college stay away and my puppies mature and don't quite need so much 24 hour attention to keep them out of trouble!

I welcome your comments and wish you a fun Friday evening!


Dark Side of the Net

17 June 2010 @ 10:01 am

Over on the Darklinks.com blog this month, I'm doing "Best of" lists. Lots of nostalgia for pre-2000 net.goth haunts.

13 Fun Dark Websites, 13 Fun Fanlistings, 13 Fan Fiction Links, 13 Spookiest Addons to Your Computer, and 13 Worthwhile Goth Events.


Hello my dark and lovely friends,

This week I took down the Dark Side of the Net database of links, for the first time in sixteen years.

It breaks my heart to have to do this, but it doesn't make sense to keep offering my thousands of hours of work since 1993, for free for people to come steal it and claim it as their own, run ads against my content I worked so hard to develop, and come back to leech more of my hard work every time I add something.

For now, you can visit the new Dark Side of the Net blog. And I will still be updating Dark Side of the News, right here on the left side of the page (scroll down).

In 2010, Dark Side of the Net will come back with a redesign, a new search engine, and thousands of new links. Hopefully the new system will make it a little harder for lazy, unscrupulous people to come steal everything - but you'd be amazed how much time thieves spend to circumvent things in order to steal data to pretend their website has the largest goth, Halloween or horror links database in the world when it doesn't. Sigh.

It has been a pleasure sharing my finds with you all these years.

Yours in pursuit of darkness,

-Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net links:


Darklinks.com on Facebook

Dark Side of the Net News on Livejournal

Darklinks.com on Twitter

Goth Almanac

GothAlmanac on Twitter


22 October 2009 @ 07:16 pm

I can't seem to wean myself off of Blogger's lovely feature where I can write posts ahead of time and backdate them so they arrive every day on time. I keep running out of time to log into Livejournal every day to update - thus delaying Goth Almanac on Twitter too.

Please visit the new home at http://www.gothalmanac.com/

And Happy Halloween!


Dark Side of the Net

21 September 2009 @ 02:49 pm

Thanks everyone for your input over the past few days. I very nearly deleted Darklinks and shut it down for good.

More details later, but for now:

An awesome famous webmaster from the horror scene is helping me convert Darklinks into a less-easily-stealable format AND add a blog feed to the front page, so we'll have the best of both worlds: Updated Blog, ...and extensive link database. We'll probably also have a search engine.

We'll still have my uglyass page design though!


18 September 2009 @ 07:56 pm

Would you enjoy Dark Side of the Net as much, or more, or less if it was a blog (rather than a database with some rather dead links but also thousands of working ones, the way it currently is?)

I'm depressed today after finding out how much money it will take to file a lawsuit against someone who has copied over 95% of Dark Side of the Net's links, pretending they did all the work, and selling advertisements along next to them.

I have a compilation copyright, but it's expensive to pursue when some lazy loser purloins your 15 years of work choosing, selecting, annotating, editing and maintaining links. That's money I'd rather spend on my kids or on a much needed new patio, new car or vet bills for my asthmatic kitty Jack.

It occurs to me that a blog, by virtue of including more writing and less databasey link troves, is an easier and less expensive copyright to defend. A plagiarist would probably not copy over entire chunks of blog posts - and they'd be easier to find and litigate against if they did, than someone scraping my links database and pretending they'd magically found all those links themselves.

I'm crying, frustrated and I feel like shutting Dark Side of the Net down completely tonight. It's been fifteen years of various assholes copying my hard work, stripping my copyright notice and my name and linkbacks from my work, and pretending it's their own. Running ads on it and profiting from it. Ugh. I don't know if I have the energy for this much longer.

I'm sitting on around 5,000 sorted, carefully chosen, annotated Halloween links that haven't been added to Darklinks yet, fearful after all that work to just add them to the website where anyone can come copy them and make money off my content. I can just see someone copying over everything exactly, then proudly proclaiming on their website "The largest directory of Halloween links!" You can't really claim that when all you did was copy the *actual* largest directory..

I wonder if you guys would find a blog useful, or if you'd miss the database of backlinks that I would be removing and keeping only for my personal reference use as I looked for new links to add or old links to revisit and talk about. Is it a blog you'd check a few times a day? (Updates would still be mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, etc).

If Darklinks was a blog:

- The domain name wouldn't change, and we'd finally get rid of my outdated 1998 text only ugly red and black template.

- More visual, with graphics of some of the websites I was reviewing.

- I'd tend to update it the way I update Facebook. I'd disappear for a couple days, then have a huge flurry of activity with 7 or 8 posts that day. Each post would probably have four or five links, or maybe more if I was covering a whole subject such as worthwhile steampunk resources, etc. If you didn't happen to be interested in steampunk, you'd have to skip over that post and wait for me to post something else you might be more interested in.

- You'd no longer be able to access my music links to see all the worthwhile Siouxsie or The Cure links I know about. Instead, you'd have to search the blog to see if I'd mentioned any new Siouxsie sites or written a blog post recently about some goth music sites and happened to mention a few of hers.

- There'd be no more link list of hundreds of links to Halloween recipes. Instead, I'd throw out a few witch-hat cupcake recipe type links mixed in with a post about a haunted house in Georgia, mixed in with a couple other random Halloween links. You'd have to google Halloween Recipes for yourself.

- The vast numbers of hundreds of dead links on Dark Side of the Net would disappear, so info would be fresh, up to date, with no dead links unless you crawled backwards into the archive. I'd likely delete archived posts eventually just to prevent scrapers from stealing all the old links.

- Those of you submitting your sites to be added, would likely have a much faster turnaround time, as I'd add them in a blog post faster than I would if I had to categorize them and fit them into my existing links.

Come see what a typical Dark Side of the Net blog post would look like:


I'd love your thoughts.

I'm trying to decide if I should throw in the hat or move on in a different direction or find financial resources to sue or what.



Vampire Diaries Online - A blog covering the upcoming TV show.

Vamps on Film - A blog covering TV, movies, and books. Currently talking a lot about Twilight and True Blood.

Zombie Singles - Let's hope this is a joke or spoof site.

See other new goth, horror and vampire links at Dark Side of the Net's new links page.

Also new today, new links to Twilight fanlistings, and new Halloween links.


Dark Side of the Net

29 August 2009 @ 10:18 am

Today I'm updating Goth Clubs, Gothic Regional Resources, Steampunk Links and Goth Clothing Shops links.

Also on board for updates this week, Halloween links, currently over 1000 links to Halloween sites.


New Goth Links in Late August 2009

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