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20 August 2009 @ 12:16 pm

I have very little Internet access at the moment (due to living in a remote lake house with family in a very very small town), so don't expect too many updates to Dark Side of the Net until early September when I move back home again. (Yay! I can't wait!)

Meanwhile, I've started two new Groups at the Darklinks network:

Being Human, for fans of the British show involving a ghost, werewolf and vampire who are roommates.

Sherlock Holmes - An off-topic group for the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. film with a dark feel and a bit of steampunkish look (though I hear it wasn't intentional) to it.

In the Dark Side Book Club, we're currently reading Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain."

In our Re-Watching group, we're watching "The Hunger" in August, all at our separate homes as we have time, then coming together on the group to discuss what it was like to revisit this movie. (Some of our group members are young enough they never saw it in the theater or on DVD to begin with!)

We'll be Re-Watching "Interview with the Vampire" in September 2009.

I'm working with several people to develop a few courses for Dark Side University for fall 2009. We're working on "History of Halloween," "Internet Research 101," "Promoting Your Goth Business," and "History of Horror Television." Dark Side University is of course a made-up college with no accreditation, and our courses are free to members of the Darklinks network.

In other news, I currently have a couple thousand new Halloween links ready and waiting to be added to the page in time for Halloween. What am I waiting on? More Internet access of course, but I'm also consulting an attorney about several current instances of Darklinks.com being copied in entirety. I don't have much incentive to put hundreds of hours of research work into my Halloween links (which I don't make any money for doing) when so many people are just stealing the whole website, copying it, removing my name from it and taking credit for themselves. I want to keep Darklinks free for everyone to use without having to subscribe or pay anything, but this is difficult when I'm spending so much money on attorneys because of issues like this. Let's see what happens over the next couple weeks!



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"Zombie School" App Rejected by Apple (ABC News)


  • America's Haunted Road Trip - A community supporting a series of books on haunted places in America. There is a discussion forum, blogs, and an active events calendar.

  • A Brush With Death - A horror art gallery, with paintings and illustrations.

  • Comic Monsters - A blog and news site for monster-themed comic books.

  • Dark Artists Guild - Support and inspiration for illustrators, mixed media artists, clothing designers, photographers, sculptors, painters, and other creative types.

  • Dark Passage Travelogue - Visits to abandoned hospitals, closed down swimming pools, and closed hotels. This is the blog for the Dark Passage website. Wonderfully intriguing photography, take a look!

  • Flashback Weekend - Chicago's longest running horror convention. It takes place October 23-25, 2009. They have a Myspace and a Facebook group.

  • Full Halloween - A horror and paranormal themed webzine, with articles, news, and how-to tips on Halloween topics.

  • Halloweddings - Halloween-themed wedding resources and links. I should have found this site a long time ago, it's really useful. No new links have been added in 2009 yet, but I think there's enough here to get you started in the right direction if you are planning a Halloween wedding. They also have a very active Livejournal.

  • Halloween and Vine - A Halloween crafts show in Petaluma, CA September 26, 2009.

  • Hauntcast - A podcast for home Halloween haunt builders. So far there are eight episodes you can listen to.

  • Home Haunt News - A fantastic webzine about Halloween home haunting. You can read it online in HTML or PDF format. I'm impressed by the high quality articles (and lack of spammy animated banner ads most zines like this have) here. They're also on Twitter.

  • Obscure Hollow - A blog covering "haunted film decor." Currently they're blogging about the gorgeous sets in "Sunset Boulevard," showing screencaps from the 1965 William Shatner film "Incubus," as well as "The Changeling" and "Burnt Offerings." There's a lot to look at and admire here.

  • 9 Experiment - The extremely fancy website for the upcoming Tim Burton Movie "9."

  • Oh So Spooky, Oh So Scary - A blog covering weird old black and white early cartoons.

  • Planet Gravemarker - An excellent Halloween resource, with tons of links - and they didn't copy them from my site! yay!

  • The Vampire Diaries - The CW's official page for the new Fall 2009 TV show.

  • The Vampire Diaries - The official page for the book series. There's a shop and a lot of commercial advertising here.

  • Vampire-Diaries.net - A fan site for LJ Smith's "Vampire Diaries," covering both the books and the upcoming TV show.

  • The Vampire Diaries - The Wikipedia entry for the TV show.

  • Yard Haunters - A social network for people who create haunted houses and haunted yards for the Halloween season. There are groups for props, makeup tips, and animatronics, plus there's a message forum.

  • Zona Con - An anime horror convention in Orlando in November 2009. They have actors and voice actors from horror movies, and an Anime Maid cafe - that's cool! Here's Zona Con on Facebook


Dark Side of the Net

Dark Side of the Net on Twitter


  • Butcher Brand - An artist's blog and website. He draws zombies, monsters, mummies, and other creepy things.

  • Dark Bikes - A new Facebook group for bike enthusiasts who also lean towards goth, punk, or industrial persuasions.

  • DeadThyme - A goth, industrial and metal radio show based in Houston. You can listen online while the show is live, Sunday nights.

  • Derailed - A virtual goth/industrial/electro club, set on an island in Second Life. What an extremely cool idea. The head DJ is DaemonChadeau.

  • Dr. Morose & Miss Macabre's House of Oddities - Two extremely talented artists present their artworks, voodoo ragdolls, Etsy shop, shadow boxes, creepy masks, and other intriguing creations. Worth a look and then a second look!

  • Eternal Nightmare Studio - The horror and comic art of Kevin Hurtack.

  • Everyday Decay - A twice-weekly webcomic about zombies. It's really well done! Recommended.

  • Horror Biz - A Livejournal community for professionals and shopowners working in the Halloween, horror and haunt industries.

  • Horror Tattoos - A Livejournal community where people are posting pics of their amazingly cool horror-themed tattoos.

  • Jane Doe Horror - "Horror flicks reviewed by chicks." Very nicely done, but could use a bit more frequent updating. They also offer a forum.

  • KillerCon - A brand new horror writer/editor/fan convention, September 17-20 in Las Vegas. Actress Heather Graham is the guest of honor, and Joe R. Lansdale will also make an appearance.

  • Harpers Island - CBS network's attempt at spooky television. 13 episodes will air, each featuring a murder.

  • Monstropedia - An encyclopedia of monsters in myth, magic and legend. Mostly stuff copied over from Wikipedia, but this provides a nice easy way to browse the topic.

  • Racks and Razors - A horror webzine, featuring interviews, a radio show, and horror TV and movie reviews.

  • Seraphemera Books - A boutique publisher of gothic chapbooks, journals, comics, and other goodies. They publish the very enchanting Polyglot & Spleen comic.

  • Texas Frightmare Weekend - A horror convention in Dallas, May 1-3, 2009. Guests include Tobe Hooper and Alice Cooper (Hey, that rhymes!)

  • The Time Traveler's Ball - A convention not just for the steampunk crowd, but also for other anachronistic aficionados. Saturday, May 2, 2009 in Atlanta.

  • Veronica Varlow: Danger Dame - Veronica Varlow's cool store selling retro, semi-fetishy, sometimes-burlesqy clothes. Some of them are copies of dresses she's worn on MTV. The store also features a blog. (I most recently saw Veronica Varlow on the zombie episode of Made).

  • The Zombified - A cool shop selling horror T-shirts, a comic book called Hallowhaus, and cute Horror Girls greeting cards.

  • The Zombified, at LiveJournal

  • The Zombified, at MySpace


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22 March 2009 @ 03:42 am

Tonight I registered www.gothalmanac.com. It points to the Livejournal community I've been posting to for a while now.

I'm working on adding more gothcentric news and trivia to the almanac - currently it's mostly just anniversaries of horror movie release dates. Yawn!


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17 March 2009 @ 09:46 am

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In case you noticed Dark Side of the Net being down for three days, I apologize for the inconvenience. A bit too much traveling lately has made it difficult to keep on top of things. We're back up and running and in good shape now.

I finally broke down and got on Facebook, though I'm not sure what sorts of things I'll be sharing and posting on there.

Darklinks.com also has a Facebook Page.

Right now I'm watching last night's Colbert Report, which featured Neil Gaiman talking about the Graveyard Book.