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06 August 2010 @ 10:01 pm
The New Future of Darklinks.com  
Hi everybody,

Thanks for hanging in with me for the last 8 months after I shut down Dark Side of the Net in December. (I did this after a horror website copied all 11,000 of my links (including the many dead ones! Ha!) took my name off them, claimed they researched everything themselves, and refused to remove them.)

I'm glad to have so many Facebook followers and Twitter readers, and I'm sorry that my updates are sporadic on most days and then spammy/frequent on days I do work on things.

I've experimented with the new Dark Side of the Net blog, though I haven't posted nearly as often as I'd like to.

I believe this will be the ongoing permanent format for Dark Side of the Net.

As there are so many asswipes on the net ready to steal huge links databases that took someone else 15-16 years to develop, Dark Side of the Net will likely never again be an openly available, free links database. Instead, I will stick with the blog format (though I know people will copy and steal that too).

I still LOVE exploring goth and dark websites, and sharing my finds and news links with you. I don't plan to charge for Dark Side of the Net, but you'll see affiliate links on the side of the blog to pay for minimal expenses.

I may in the future charge a minimal amount (or restrict access to privileged visitors) for access to my Halloween links database, which at 8000 links I believe to be the largest Halloween links collection in English in the world. I can't imagine more than a handful of people would feel the need to pay for such a service when there are other Halloween links pages out there, understandably.

Going Forward:

Currently I'm doing Best of the Dark Side type posts. It's been really fun (and also really depressing) going through the old links, looking at old trends we used to all enjoy, laughing at really bad webpages I linked to anyway, and admiring ancient goth websites that are still updated, useful and interesting in 2010. The depressing part is finding out how many dead or irrelevant links I have in the database, as well as links to outdated theme pages none of us really probably care about any more (Goth X of the Y? X-files fan pages?)

After I'm done with "Best of the Dark Side" posts (one post per category, with 98 categories total, and I'm mostly unable to do one post per day) I will switch gears back to doing "new links" and "Goth news" posts which I hope to do 1 or 2 posts per day starting in late October 2010. Assuming all my kids who have moved out to college stay away and my puppies mature and don't quite need so much 24 hour attention to keep them out of trouble!

I welcome your comments and wish you a fun Friday evening!


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