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20 August 2009 @ 12:16 pm
New Happenings at Darklinks.com  

I have very little Internet access at the moment (due to living in a remote lake house with family in a very very small town), so don't expect too many updates to Dark Side of the Net until early September when I move back home again. (Yay! I can't wait!)

Meanwhile, I've started two new Groups at the Darklinks network:

Being Human, for fans of the British show involving a ghost, werewolf and vampire who are roommates.

Sherlock Holmes - An off-topic group for the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. film with a dark feel and a bit of steampunkish look (though I hear it wasn't intentional) to it.

In the Dark Side Book Club, we're currently reading Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain."

In our Re-Watching group, we're watching "The Hunger" in August, all at our separate homes as we have time, then coming together on the group to discuss what it was like to revisit this movie. (Some of our group members are young enough they never saw it in the theater or on DVD to begin with!)

We'll be Re-Watching "Interview with the Vampire" in September 2009.

I'm working with several people to develop a few courses for Dark Side University for fall 2009. We're working on "History of Halloween," "Internet Research 101," "Promoting Your Goth Business," and "History of Horror Television." Dark Side University is of course a made-up college with no accreditation, and our courses are free to members of the Darklinks network.

In other news, I currently have a couple thousand new Halloween links ready and waiting to be added to the page in time for Halloween. What am I waiting on? More Internet access of course, but I'm also consulting an attorney about several current instances of Darklinks.com being copied in entirety. I don't have much incentive to put hundreds of hours of research work into my Halloween links (which I don't make any money for doing) when so many people are just stealing the whole website, copying it, removing my name from it and taking credit for themselves. I want to keep Darklinks free for everyone to use without having to subscribe or pay anything, but this is difficult when I'm spending so much money on attorneys because of issues like this. Let's see what happens over the next couple weeks!



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